The lead bodyguard was not convinced. “Then you won’t mind us checking the inside of your car, right?” he asked with a frown.

Aaron chuckled coldly. “I do mind since I don’t want your grubby hands dirtying it.”

The lead bodyguard was not going to back down so easily. “I know we don’t have a right to check your car, but we won’t move an inch unless you let us check your car or let Miss Corinne out.”

Aaron narrowed his eyes. “How are you going to make it up to me if I let you check my car and Corinne isn’t inside?”

The lead bodyguard was sure Corinne was inside the car, so he confidently answered, “If Miss Corinne isn’t in the car, all of us will apologize to you.”

“Very well, then. You may check the car!” said Aaron with a scoff.

The lead bodyguard and his subordinates opened all the doors and looked inside, only to see a young woman who was dressed the same as Corinne sitting next to Aaron.

wasn’t Miss Corinne after all… But why would Miss Xante wear the same clothes as Miss Corinne? Something is definitely fishy about the whole

Aaron, can you please

gestured with his chin, and the driver in front quickly opened the boot. The bodyguards checked every corner of the

done checking?” asked Aaron impatiently. “I’ve already told you Corinne isn’t with

the lead bodyguards walked up to him and said, “Mister Aaron,

even agreed to let you check the car! Now you’re asking me to tell you when she is after failing to find

as Miss Corinne? You can’t possibly ask us to believe

the same taste in clothing, so it’s not that weird

is doing here at this time?” asked the lead bodyguard with a

There’s a famous breakfast place over there that we like to go to

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