The bodyguards watched helplessly as Aaron’s minivan drove away, and they started to panic.

“What should we do now? How are we going to tell Mister Jeremy that we’ve lost Miss Corinne?”

“Sh*t! He’s definitely going to punish us for that!”

“We’re done for…”

“That’s enough!” shouted the lead bodyguard through gritted teeth. “Instead of sh*tting your pants over here, you all should be tailing Mister Aaron. He definitely has something to do with Miss Corinne’s escape. It can’t be a coincidence for them to be here. We might be able to find Miss Corinne if we follow them!”

“Yes, Sir!”

the park, where there were no surveillance cameras along the street devoid of people, was a parked

into the clothes left by Xante in one of

good in your disguise,” said

tired from the journey, so she was in no mood to joke around with

started the car engine, and drove her away from the park. Not long after that,

frowned and said, “Where are you taking me?

for his men to keep a close eye on you at every major airport and train station. Heck, it won’t even surprise me if he

thinking about it, Corinne found his explanation logical. However, she was not really convinced Jeremy would go through all that effort to

you taking

heard of the saying ‘hiding in plain sight’? That’s exactly what we’re for a couple of days, and when things die down, I’ll arrange for a private jet to fly

she nodded after a while. “Thanks, Jason. But is

buildings. No matter how she looked at them, they did not look like

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