Chapter 1999

Meanwhile, Lucas drove Melody back home after they finished their lunch.

Melody got out of the car, but when she noticed Lucas remained seated, she turned to ask him, "Aren't you getting out?"

"I have some things to take care of," Lucas replied.

Melody felt disappointed, and there was a bitter feeling in her heart. ‘Is he going to find Stella?' she wondered.

Lucas gave a helpless smile when he saw her expression. "I haven't been to the office all day, and there are many things I need to do, so I can't afford to relax."

"You're going to the office?" Melody's mood brightened slightly with a smile. "Don't work too late. Your family is already wealthy, so you don't need to work so hard. Your health is more important."

happily skipped into the

house. It was sort of nice to have Melody living with them. At least, his grandparents seemed to be in a good mood every day

collected his thoughts, started the car, and

at home for several days without going out. Wendy had not caused her any trouble, and despite

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heal, an unexpected thought crossed her mind-she did not want the wounds to heal so

her wish failed. The burn on her hand improved considerably, and Helen could not continue to delay anymore. Rather than irritating Ethan in any form possible, she might as well take the initiative to take over the

Helen got up early and earnestly prepared breakfast for the family. While

household chores with her, but since

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Ethan asked casually as he descended

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