Chapter 2000

Unable to contact Melody, Helen racked her brains and thought of Melody’s former classmates.

Melody was sort of a loner, and over the years, Helen had not seen her make many friends. Melody only brought up one particular classmate a few times, so Helen assumed they had a good relationship.

Helen quickly went to Melody’s room. Melody had left in a hurry, so she did not take many things with her. Helen searched through her belongings and found a yearbook hidden at the bottom of the cabinet.

Melody only bought a mobile phone when she graduated from college, so she must have written down her former classmates' contact information in the yearbook.

Helen searched for a long time before finding that classmate's phone number in the yearbook.

She called right away, saying, "Hello?"

end of the line was puzzled to receive a

you right now? Pass her the phone right

kind to her. She often sided with Melody's half-sister in bullying her. Thus, upon hearing

as a friend. If she's not

classmate know that Melody had left home. Considering what Melody had been

never cared about Melody at all, and now you're looking for her? You should be ashamed to

hung up the phone and blocked Helen's

classmate sent a message to Melody, [Your mom called me. Seems like

Melody could not shake the feeling that something was off. Regardless of what Helen was up to, Melody only knew that it would

seen online before. She took out

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