Chapter 2001

The receptionist hurriedly walked up to Helen to stop her. "Ma'am, you can't just go in."

The infuriated Helen pushed the receptionist aside and attempted to enter, but the gate would not budge.

Unable to stop her, the receptionist shouted for security. Two guards swiftly arrived and lifted Helen away, one on each side, to escort her out of the company.

Despite her struggles, Helen could not break free. Realizing she was about to be thrown out, she shouted loudly, "I'm Melody's mother! She knows the president of this company! He'll punish you if you just throw me out like this!"

Coincidentally, Sherman had just returned to the company from outside. He did not want to get involved in the lobby’s commotion. However, upon hearing the woman claiming to be Melody's mother, Sherman involuntarily stopped.

faint smile.

the man in front of her. "Yes, I am Melody's mother. Who are

the president of Parr

flashed an ingratiating smile at him, saying, "So, you're

about Melody, Sherman-out of respect for her being

Sherman, guiding Helen to a chair and personally pouring

decorated office, she suddenly felt a sense of longing. Moreover, the president of such a large company treating her with such courtesy made her feel like a person of high status. This was the first time in her life that she had been treated this

come here and ask you how she's doing, " Helen said, her expression carrying a hint of resentment when she mentioned Melody. "That girl is really good

not know the details of Melody's family situation, but it seemed more complicated

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