With just one look, Russell could tell that this was not the painting he gave Mr. Clarke. This was a counterfeit! So, who gave this painting to Charles?

priceless piece. Would you like to appraise it?” Addy? Aiden! Russell stared at Aiden, who was smiling to his eyes with an odd look. The latter seemed full of himself. This was the man who was rude to Mr. Clarke earlier! With this, Russell now had a plan formed. Aiden, you’re dead meat! I will teach you a lesson in place of Mr. Clarke! Russell walked over to the glass display earnestly and started examining it. Everyone felt the air become tense and mysterious as they watched on. After all, this was Master Russell, a famous collector in Riverdale City. If he, too, held this painting in high

as she stared at the text message then quickly replied: Boss, do you mean to say that you want to switch out all of our company’s delivery scooters with Harley bikes? Agnes felt her head spin. For the first time, she experienced just how rich Philip was! One Harley bike cost tens of thousands, and the price

Charles, and that made Charles feel even more ecstatic. “Master Russell, how is it? What would this authentic piece by Tang Bohu be worth in the market?” After Russell was done looking, Charles asked impatiently as he smiled to his eyes. Russell

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