At this thought, Charles glanced at Philip, who was standing idly in a corner.

He snorted in annoyance and mumbled, “What a useless man!” Philip noticed his father-in-law looking at him, so he gave him a bright smile, but the older man only rolled his eyes at him. Okay, so the older man really did think nothing of him. Just then, outside of Civil Gallery, a luxurious Bentley stopped at the entrance. A few female receptionists quickly rushed over.

Russell Field had specifically come to Civil Gallery today because he heard that there would be a treasure from China’s Ming Dynasty displayed today.

“This is too shocking. Charles’s painting has even intrigued this great man!” Many of the aristocrats in Riverdale greeted Russell respectfully upon seeing him and started fawning over the man. Not just because he was a famous collector, the man was also president of a company and had a net worth of more than three billion dollars! Of course, the term ‘grandmaster of collectors’ was only an exaggeration by the local folks. Russell was only just a little

his friends. “Oh my, it’s an honor to have Master Russell personally visit my exhibition. Please forgive me for not going out to meet you.” Charles was very excited. For the grandmaster of collectors, Russell Field, to make a personal visit, meant that his fame was about to shoot up tremendously for the grandmaster of collectors. “Mr. Johnston, you’re too kind. I’m just here today because I’ve heard great things. I will be imposing on you.” Russell politely shook Charles’s hand as he smiled. “It is my honor that Master Russell could come. Let me show you around. These are just some of the pieces that I tinker with in my free time. They can’t compare to Master Russell’s collection.” For Charles, meeting Russell was

Just after he spoke, the facial expression of Charles, who was standing behind Aiden, turned dark. Did this brat not see that he was standing there? Did anyone need him to show the man around? However, Aiden had completely forgotten about Charles by now as he proactively started to introduce Russell around the place. Although Charles was annoyed, he still followed them and added explanations wherever he felt necessary. The group behind Charles kept nodding as they went, acting as Russell’s entourage. Many people

glass display. In front of that display stood a young man. When Russell looked over and saw the familiar silhouette, he got excited! Mr. Clarke was here too! Seeing Philip stand in front of the painting

President Thomas had told him before that Mr. Clarke disliked being conspicuous. However, he had to think of something to shatter this Aiden’s arrogance! Humiliating Mr. Clarke

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