Philip frowned at Aiden. The latter glared furiously at him and smirked.

“You’re even late at the simple request of delivering a painting. Aren’t you just blatantly disrespecting Uncle Johnston?” Slap! Charles had come over with an infuriated expression and slapped Philip hard across the face. He bellowed in anger, “Why do I have such a useless son-in-law like you?

on these people’s faces. Instead, it was filled with mockery. Watching Charles hit Philip in front of so many people made Aiden ecstatic. Great slap! Trash like this should get slapped more often. A biting chill flashed in Philip’s eyes, but he quickly suppressed it. Lowering his head, Philip said, “I’m sorry, Dad. I was a little delayed on the way.” “Hmph!” Charles let out a cold snort. He took the painting, composed his emotions, then turned around smilingly to walk away. “Come, come, here’s the authentic painting by Tang Bohu, the Companionship at

Philip merely gave him a cold smile. “That has nothing to do with you.” Aiden snorted. “Unwilling to give up? Why don’t you look in a mirror? Uncle Johnston hates you. If I put in just a little more effort, you’ll soon be kicked out of the Johnston house. By then, you’ll only be a stray dog. I want to see just where your pathetic mug will end up when that happens!” Aiden laughed out loud before casting Philip a mocking

hall. That scene earlier made him flare up in anger as he watched. “Mr. Clarke, do you want me to teach that brat a lesson for you?” Theo came over and whispered to Philip. Philip shook his head and frowned. “No need. This is my problem. You just have to do your duty.” Theo became nervous and quickly nodded. If anyone else saw this, they would have definitely been shocked beyond words. The mob king, Theo Zander, to be this respectful to a plain young man and even seemed to be a little frightened by him, would stir up great news! Philip took a deep breath then stood in the corner of the exhibition hall, doing nothing. The other side of the gallery was crowded as Charles proudly shared his painting with his old friends and fellow collectors. That overflowing happiness on the older man’s face made Philip a little worried on the inside. Would his father-in-law really force Wynn to divorce him? Just how should he save his broken marriage? “Charles, this painting is really great! It’s an authentic piece!” “If you auction it away, it would be worth at least five million!” “I don’t think so. I say it might even be worth ten million!” The crowd was admiring the painting as they discussed out loud. Ten million? Charles felt an indescribable shock and happiness when he heard this. Ten

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