At Celestial Club! Why would Wynn go to such a place? Wasn’t she meeting a client? Philip did not have time to think. He dashed out of the gallery, his heart flaring up like a ball of flame. Please be safe. Please be!

off to?” Anna looked sideways, about to get out of the car when Philip pulled open the passenger seat and ordered in a hurry. “To Celestial Club!” Anna did not ask more. She quickly started up the Porsche, like a red arrow being shot, the dust flew up into the air as the vehicle disappeared from Civil Gallery’s entrance. This scene was coincidentally seen by Aiden, who was looking from the door. With hate in his eyes, he stared at the disappearing headlights, confused. Why is Philip with Anna? He’s just a piece of wretched trash. Shit! Could he be having an affair! Great! A frightening chill flashed in his eyes. He will tell Wynn about this, and the two of them would divorce!

as renowned as Theo, he

had their own business turfs. Philip got out of the car. The entrance of Celestial Club was not only occupied by beauties in tight dresses, but there were also two large men whose arms were more massive than their

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