“Sister Anna, why are you here?” The bouncer who had been arrogant earlier was now meek as a child. They were working for Celestial Club, so these men had been used to flaunting their authority. But meeting Anna still made them feel uneasy because if they were not careful enough, they might end up offending Theo. “Hmph!” Anna snorted. After a few more words of reproach, she did not waste any more time with them. She could see the restlessness in Philip’s eyes, so she quickly let Philip inside after forcing the two men to back down. The bouncers scratched their heads in fear and confusion as they watched Philip and Anna go in. “Hey, who do you think that guy is that Sister Anna would personally escort and protect?” “Don’t be so nosy, unless you feel like separating your head from your body.” The interior design of Celestial Club was indeed luxurious. Gold was the primary color of the interior with dragons and phoenix as the central theme. The place looked extravagant. Even the front desk was made from Calacatta marble, worth a king’s ransom! However, to Philip, these were all rubbish.

voice sounded like a melodious string instrument. “Hey, Sister Anna, what brings you here today?” This woman with a vintage appearance was the manager of Celestial Club,

could overpower Jade’s by a mile. Hence, it was publicly known that Jade disliked Anna. These two women were destined to be rivals. “Jade Quinley, enough with the nonsense. Where is Miss Johnston?” Anna could

premises. Only men come here, not women. What’s more, isn’t it a little inappropriate for Sister Anna to just barge in like this?” Jade cocked an eyebrow, waving her Victorian hand fan with an arm crossed below her chest. Her contempt for Anna was evident in her tone. Philip had no time to waste in

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