Henry had just come out of the airport with a medical team formed by a group of stern and meticulous doctors as they followed behind him. If this scene was noticed by someone who knew the industry, they would definitely be shocked! The infamous medical team from Turner’s Hospital! They were not number one, but the only one! “Henry Turner?” Philip let out a cold laugh as his gaze fell on Jeffrey. “You should ask your nephew if he would let me meet you.” Nephew? Could it be Jeffrey? Henry seemed to have realized in an instant and quickly answered respectfully, “Mr. Clarke, there must be some sort of misunderstanding going on. Please pass the phone to Jeffrey, I’ll talk to him.” Philip mildly raised an eyebrow but tossed the phone to Jeffrey who was sitting on the sofa. “Your uncle’s looking for you.” Uncle? Jeffrey burst into anger and slammed a hand onto the table.

started trembling all over in shock. Cold sweat was pouring as he quickly held the phone up. “Hello, Uncle, why are you…” He was really dumbstruck. Waves of chill seeped out of his skin from his bones. He could not believe that his uncle would actually give this boy toy a call. Before he could finish, Henry had interrupted him furiously on the other end. “Jeffrey Scott, I don’t care how you have offended Mr. Clarke, but apologize to him this instant! Or else, you’ll be in serious trouble!” That ice-cold tone and his words of command made it hard for Jeffrey to breathe. His uncle was furious! “Uncle, you… why would you call this stupid brat?” Jeffrey still could not believe this as he attempted one last time. “Hmph!” Henry, who was hastily rushing out of the airport with his medical team, entered

and mighty earlier, was now fearfully apologizing. This made everyone freeze in shock! Was this man not Professor Turner’s nephew? A figure from Golden City? Was he not almighty? Why would he apologize? That call earlier seemed to have been from his uncle, Professor Turner. A call to the boy toy? Oh gosh! Just who was this Philip Clarke? For the medical magnate, Henry Turner, to call him personally and make his nephew fear him so. Especially for Drogo, to see his backer that he had been relying on apologize so fearfully to a young man made him anxious! It made him frightened! Drogo’s heart trembled as sweat started pouring down like a waterfall. Just who had he provoked? Theo and Anna had already broken free and were now standing beside Philip, glaring at Drogo with dark eyes. “Drogo, I’ve already told you that Mr. Clarke is not

the whole room. Philip watched coldly. “Anna, take Wynn away.” “Understood.” Anna led two men away as they took Wynn out of the room. In an instant, Drogo’s men were all squatting down on the floor as they hugged their heads, shivering. This was because the first thing that Theo did after getting up was to order the people

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