His whole body was trembling as his gaze darted around. Upon seeing Philip, he crawled over on his knees and prostrated as he begged, “Ph…

Philip, Brother Philip! Seeing as I’m a colleague of Deputy Manager Johnston, please forgive me this time. I won’t ever do it again.” Philip’s eyes were cold with underlying fury. “I do not wish to see him in Riverdale City ever again.” “Yes, Mr. Clarke!” Theo was a man of the underground world, so he could easily understand the meaning behind Philip’s words.

I will never again step foot into Riverdale City.” Jeffrey had already thought it through. No matter how powerful Mr. Clarke was, he was probably only just a little bit more capable. If Mr. Clarke really did anything to him, his uncle would definitely not let this man off. Hence, he grew a little

as an apology, please take it as a mental compensation for yourselves.” Jeffrey was feeling anxious inside but he maintained a confidant front. To Jeffrey, five hundred thousand was quite a lot. “Are you discussing money with me?” Philip said chillingly. “Theo, give him three million.” Theo did not hesitate. He took one man along with him to personally withdraw the cash. The whole process took less than five

Club. Henry got out of the car frantically with the mayor of Riverdale City behind him. Keagan Sanders was drenched in sweat as he brought along

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