“Is something wrong,

Mommy? What happened?” Seeing that his mother had been away for a little too long, Matteo went into the house to check on her. When he saw how angry she was, his brow furrowed with concern. Is that bad guy bullying Mommy again? He’s making her so mad. “It’s alright, Matt. Erm… I want to discuss something with you…

Do you and your sister want to go back to great-aunt’s place?” Sasha knelt in front of her son and kept a tight lid on her emotions as she discussed the matter carefully with him.

There was no point for her to hide now. Her next move was to rescue Willow from the scum’s hands. It was definitely impossible for her to bring the children along, and she couldn’t leave them here alone, either. It would be too dangerous. She couldn’t rule out the possibility of both children being discovered by the scum.

back to our homeland? Is Mommy coming with us too?” “Yes, I am. But a little later than you. I will arrange for someone to send you and your sister back

mother’s decision in sending him and his sister back. Sasha immediately booked the flights for her two children and contacted another trustworthy friend

she caught sight of Willow being tied up and dangled on the outer deck. Her friend was crying in fear as

did you tie her up? I’m the one you’re looking for. Let go of her

day, and the bitterly cold winds cut like a knife. The piteous cries of a woman bounded by ropes filled the air. But the crazy man stood nonchalantly with a glass of red wine in his hand. He was wearing a dark suit, and his white shirt

her. “Let her go. You want me to go back with you? Fine, I’ll do as you say.” “That’s it? I’m not finished playing with you yet.” Sasha shut her eyes tightly. With her fists clenched, she told herself not to argue with a lunatic like

raw from the tight ropes, Willow sobbed guiltily in front of her. Sasha quickly hugged

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