Back then,

he had brought Xandra back home and declared his love for her in front of Frederick. And now, he was dragging her back there. Was he not afraid that Sasha would mess up his relationship with that woman again? As soon as her voice died away, the scum got up from the chair. “How dare you? Don’t think too highly of yourself, Sasha. It makes no difference to me whether you are dead or alive. Even if you did not show up today, I would have taken your dead body back with me.”

There was a gleam of hostility in his bloodshot eyes as he spoke his mind. Sasha clenched her fists tightly until her knuckles turned white. She squeezed her eyes shut and remained silent. What is there to look forward to after five years? Do I expect him to say something nice to me? Very quickly, Sasha was taken to a cabin on the lower deck of the ship.

Not long afterward, the ship left the pier and set sail. It turned out that this boat was the means of transportation for them. She did not dwell on the matter since she knew there was no point for her to struggle anymore. After they locked her up in the cabin, Sasha lay on the small bed and fell asleep. “Ian, you shouldn’t. It’s dangerous…

“Quiet! Get out of my way!” She woke up to the sound of her stomach growling and the argument outside the cabin. Vaguely, she also heard a child’s voice. A child’s voice? Is it Ian? Sasha’s eyes flew open immediately, and within that second, she was awake

off to where they came from. It wouldn’t be a surprise that Ian would also be on the ship. Her heart leaped with ecstasy at the thought of that. She hopped out of bed and dashed to the window. She looked through the window,

on his head. It was none other than Ian. Tears welled up in Sasha’s

of annoyance came across his face for being interrupted. Sasha waved wildly at him from the small cabin. “Here, Little Ian. Mom… It’s me, Ms. Nancy. Look here.” She almost let it slip that she

like his father’s. “Who are you?” “Erm… Mr. Ian, it’s time, we should get back. Otherwise, you’ll be punished by Mr. Hayes.” In that instant, the bodyguard stepped in front of the child. Sasha became

window, hoping that he would remember her. Fortunately, the child remembered after being prodded with the memory. “It’s you!” “Yes. Little Ian, can you come over here so that I can have a look at you? I just want

“Get out of my way!” Ian glanced at the bodyguard and strode toward the cabin. Sasha was overjoyed. Finally, she had the opportunity to be up close and personal with this child. She

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