A few hours later in the Frontier Bay. Sasha went to the washroom on the second floor to put a cold towel on her bloated face. Hiss… “Does it hurt?” Ian had been standing by the washroom’s door the entire time. When he heard his mommy hissing, he immediately tilted his tiny head up and stared at his mommy with worry glowing in his eyes. Mommy got hurt because of me. Will Matteo get mad when he finds out? The kid’s tiny hand gripped the broken toy that he had snatched back. He looked devastated, with guilt and remorse weighing down in his heart. “It’s fine, Little Ian. See?

It doesn’t hurt at all. I was just hissing because of the cold. I accidentally froze myself with the ice water.” Sasha sensed that the little guy’s emotion was off, so she quickly crouched down beside him and cooed him. Ian tilted his head up and saw how his mommy’s face was reddened and bloated. He didn’t know what to say, so after hesitating for a while, he approached her. The kid had never done anything immature before, but he actually bulged his tiny lips and blew on his mommy’s cheek. Sasha was momentarily stupefied. What is my son doing? Is he blowing on my face to ‘blow away the pain’? Like his baby sister does? Vivi was practically a professional in playing a childish cutie pie. Whenever she saw her mommy getting injured anywhere, she would rush over to blow on the cut and claimed that it would be fine soon. Sasha was touched by her son’s gesture.

eyes and smiled. Ian suddenly felt a little awkward. However, he never struggled or broke free.

Ah, so Sasha never told Wendy what happened? Sebastian scoffed and replied, “She deserves it.” Wendy was speechless. She wanted to say something, but her young boss had already walked up the stairs by then. As suspected, Sebastian heard the mother and son duo conversing in the nursery before he even saw them. Sasha asked, “Little Ian, is there any make-up for women in the house? Can you get some for me? I need it to hide my injury so that no one will see it when I leave.” Ian

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a choice. If I don’t hide my injury away, Matteo and Vivi will worry and ask about it when they see it. Sasha popped her head out and scanned her son, who was in the bedroom. To her surprise, the boy, who had been playing with his toy, shook his head and insisted, “No. There’s no lady living here.” Sasha didn’t know what to say. She was stunned for a few

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