If there was an actual hole in front of her, Sasha would’ve jumped in there and hide instantly. “How long are you planning on hiding in there? Weren’t you, oh, so brave, when you fought with the others this afternoon?” Sasha couldn’t speak. The f*ck? The man’s heartless insult left Sasha with no choice but to show herself and left the washroom. “What else can I do? She won’t even let a helpless woman and a kid go. Was I supposed to watch as she hit our… I mean, your son?” complained Sasha. She felt so wronged as she caressed her own face. Sebastian hovered over her and glared down.

He wanted to say something, but he changed his mind when he saw the clear slap mark on her cheek. Even the corner of her lips are a little swollen Sebastian narrowed his eyes a little, and his gaze became warmer. She is such an idiot. She actually got smacked until her lips split in a fight! “You had it coming. You fought with them even after he broke the kid’s nose? What were you thinking? Were you trying to break their neck?” What the f*ck? Sasha’s big, round eyes bulged in fury instantly. “Dude, do you think I want to fight? The situation was dire, and things spiraled out of control. She said that she was going to torture your son to avenge her son. How can I allow it? D*mn it, I am a woman. It’s not like I’m a martial arts expert like your bodyguards..

” hissed Sasha. She was agitated when she spoke, so she hurt her lips again and stung herself. Her hand flew to her lips as she hissed. Sebastian had nothing to say now. His eyes couldn’t help but twitch a little, but he stopped talking in the end. A few minutes later, the two of them left the nursery. Sasha, whose face was still swollen, planned on packing her things and going home immediately. However, she had just closed the door when the man standing in front of her said, “Follow me.” Huh? Follow him? Sasha thought that she misunderstood him, so she looked around. I don’t think there is anyone else around… She eventually followed him over after hesitating for a while. At first, she thought that she was in for a rough time.

the night before. He later got the medical kit from one of the closets. Sasha didn’t know what to say. “See if you can find anything of use,” instructed Sebastian in a distant tone. He sounded so distant that it was as if he found an injured stray dog and was tossing out leftovers for it. That makes sense, I guess. I was injured while babysitting his son, so it’s only normal for him to compensate his employee for the injury. Besides, it’s just medicine. Sasha calmed down her beating heart that had suddenly thumped a little faster. She tilted her head down and started picking

an ointment in the box that could get swellings down. After picking the ointment out, she looked around before she snuck into the washroom with it.

place look like a cold hotel room. There was only one mug and one toothbrush by the basin. I-is that woman really not living here? How is that possible? Aren’t they married? Why aren’t they living

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