Sasha stared at him in shock as she was unable to digest the sudden change in the situation.

“What are you staring at me for? Do you still want a divorce? Did you fall for another man and desperately want to get married? Sasha, don’t forget that you have jinxed two husbands already.”

Sebastian suddenly made the harsh comments while eating leisurely.

Having heard him, Sasha’s earlier confusion cleared itself up as rage engulfed her.

“What did you say? Who jinxed two husbands?”

“Am I wrong? I was cursed by you to not have a good night’s sleep for the past five years. While you caused Vivian’s dad to die. So, can you stop bringing misfortune to other men?”


Sasha slammed the table forcefully as she jumped to her feet in rage. “I hope you choke to death tonight. And both my husbands will then be dead!”

With that, she shook her fist at him and stormed upstairs.

How dare that idiot accuses me of being a jinx to my husband. I sure hope he dies tonight so that I can live up to my “name”.

Sasha returned to her room, fuming.

Unknown to her, Sebastian smiled smugly the moment she left.

of angry flip-flops. He then continued eating with a

What a fool.

Sebastian went up to

on his table rang. It was his personal line that

Xandra. Today… did you see the messages I have sent you earlier? My book is about to be published, and

was Xandra on

her voice was gentle and submissive so


a word, he ended the

that moment, Xandra who was still overseas smashed her phone onto


still the one who wrote the letters over the last four years. Do the letters not have any meaning when compared to those from six years ago? Isn’t it the thought


over. “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you not to call

I call him? I didn’t do anything wrong, and I did write him the letters. Why

didn’t recognize the six years’ worth of letters

he first knew about it, he was equally outraged and couldn’t accept it. It simply intensified his hatred toward her.

incident occurred after

that night, when he heard about it and rushed over, he saw her corpse-like figure in the


that he

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