Sasha slept very well that night.

Even when she didn’t want to admit that despite having a big fight with Sebastian, she managed to sleep especially soundly.

Is it because I don’t want a divorce too?

No, that can’t be. I must be feeling this way because of the children. By not going through with the divorce, I don’t have to be separated from them, and we can all continue living together happily.

She convinced herself that that was the case and consequently calmed down.

In the morning, Sebastian had left for work early while Sasha routinely washed up and prepared the kids for breakfast and class.

However, when the teacher arrived, she told Sasha that she wanted Ian who had been learning violin for some time to participate in a performance. So that he could learn to be bolder.

Thinking that it was a wonderful idea, Sasha readily agreed. Just when she wanted to accompany Ian there, Matteo and Vivian insisted on coming along.

“I want to go and watch Ian perform too!”

“That’s right, Mommy. On such an important occasion, Ian definitely needs us there to support him. With Vivi and I going, we will be able to help him garner a lot of support. Don’t you think so, Ian?”

Matteo was the savvy one as he tried to use Ian as an excuse.

Without any hesitation, Ian nodded. “Mmm-hmm!”

them to come along

Sasha brought

the teacher had

them in the car, Matteo and Vivian chatted excitedly in anticipation of Ian’s

Ian, he was feeling

what’s wrong? Are you feeling nervous? Don’t worry, all of us

if he should tell Mr. Hayes about it first. In case something went wrong, he would end up being blamed for

words of encouragement, Ian began to

minutes, they arrived

we’re here. Ms. Wand, I’ll go get the entrance passes while you stay

problem, please go

him leave, she and the

grand theater, Sasha wasn’t aware that not any ordinary performance can be held there. As it

he had fought for this opportunity for Ian just

Mommy, come and take a look at this poster. The TSQ symphony orchestra. Ian is going to

Vivian’s squeaky voice rang out through

A symphony orchestra?

Vivian’s side, “Let me see, let me see! It really is a symphony orchestra. Ian, it seems your

Matteo had no idea about the classical music industry, he could feel from the

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