As Sebastian had been absent from work for a few days, he went into overdrive mode the moment he entered his office.

He was so busy that Luke didn’t dare disturb him in the slightest. However, he had no choice but to knock on Sebastian’s door when he received the message from Howard. The rays of the morning sun shone through the window, casting a radiant glow on Sebastian’s desk where he typed away on his laptop.

“Sir, I’ve just received word from Howard… According to him, everything is fine with Madam…I mean, Ms. Wand. She transferred the money over to Jackson instead of handing it over to Andy, and is going to work as usual.”

His fingers stopped moving when he heard that, and Luke held his breath as he thought Sebastian was about to say something.

However, Sebastian simply continued typing away a few seconds later and said, “No need to report these things to me from now on.”

“Huh?” Luke was shocked. “W-What about Howard?”

“The real dimwit should have received enough training by now, right? I want you to send him over, have Howard return, and forget all about this,” Sebastian replied coldly, much to Luke’s surprise.

Oh, my god! Does he mean he won’t care about her anymore? What’s with this sudden change in attitude? Just two days ago, he was so worried about her safety that he ignored his own well-being and kept her company throughout the crisis! I don’t understand him at all!

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