Meanwhile, it was late at night in Avenport when Sebastian returned to Royal Court One.

Luke had called him multiple times out of concern, but Sebastian ignored all of his calls until he got home.

“Mr. Hayes, you’re finally home! My goodness, you look so pale! What happened to you?” Wendy came out to greet him, only to be shocked by how weary he looked.

No longer trying to put up a tough front, Sebastian staggered his way to the couch and slumped against it.

“Call the family doctor, and don’t tell Roxanne about this.”

“Right away, Mr. Hayes!”

Wendy quickly called the family doctor who then arrived about ten minutes later.

The doctor administered a sedative, and Sebastian was finally able to fall into a deep sleep.

He had collapsed from exhaustion after forcefully suppressing the violent urges within him for too long.

“His current condition is still unstable, so please make sure he takes his medication on time as prescribed by Ms. Rocke. It takes half a year of constant medication just to treat depression, and what he has is far more serious,” the doctor reminded Wendy on his way out.

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