Chapter 9 They Are Brothers

That’s weird. I’ve been gone for so long, but they haven’t called me yet. Usually, they would be scrambling around to look for me already. Aren’t Mommy, Zachary, Oliver, and Jesse worried about me at all?

With that thought, Jasper checked his phone, which resembled a watch.

Uh-oh. The battery died.

“Gavin, your food’s ready!” Edwin called out when he noticed Jasper as he was about to bring the food over to Gavin’s room.

“Okay!” Jasper responded as he ran to take his seat at the dining table.

Seeing that the table was full of delicious-looking dishes, he quickly grabbed a fork and happily dug in.

“Gavin, pace yourself. Please chew your food more slowly!” Edwin urged as the way Jasper ate shocked him. What’s going on? Usually, he would chew more slowly before swallowing.

“Mm-hmm!” The boy was beaming with delight as he ate. Oh my gosh! These are heavenly! Jesse would definitely love this!

Suddenly, Jasper slowed down as he felt guilty. Did Mommy, Zachary, Oliver, and Jesse eat yet?

“Mr. Whitley, these are really good!”

“Hehe! I was afraid that you’d get tired of eating the same thing every day! Have some more if you like it!” Edwin suggested as he put more food on his plate.

Jasper caught sight of Benjamin walking toward them and started to eat quietly.

“Mr. Graham!” Edwin quickly prepared cutlery for Benjamin while the latter took his seat to eat with Jasper.

His brows furrowed deeply when he saw Jasper swallowing the food without chewing.

“Chew for thirty times before swallowing!”

“B-But I’m hungry!” Jasper exclaimed in surprise. Thirty times? That’s too tiring!

you are, you must chew your food thirty times before

been taking his meals properly in the past few days! Maybe he’s eating so

and Edwin. Jasper paced his chewing. What’s up with this rule?

times. This is the hardest

the door. Once that was done, Jasper continued to search the room as he looked for

call Gavin. I’ll definitely be exposed if they do. No, I must find a way to call Gavin to see if

that instant, he heard someone knocking on the door. Jasper beamed when he

Whitley?” he asked

if you want to eat it in

Mr. Whitley!” Jasper took the cotton candy merrily and took a bite. Yay! I get

I borrow your phone for a little while?” he asked

you go!” Edwin reached for his phone in his

I’ll make it bigger for you!” Jasper tilted the phone to an angle where Edwin

smiled and waited

Jasper found Gavin’s number after scrolling for a while. After that, he quickly memorized Gavin’s number and changed the font size before returning Edwin’s phone to him.

exclaimed with a

teeth before you sleep!”

night, Mr. Whitley!”

direction of Gavin’s room before

to charge his phone. He took a few more bites of the cotton candy and finished it as he waited for his device to be fully charged. After that, he went to brush his teeth and took a bath. Once he was out, the indicator showed that it was fully

Gavin with Mommy, or


almost fell asleep, reached for his phone when he heard the familiar sound of

Jasper! He contacted

received a reply from Gavin. Gavin texted: Yeah. That’s me.

 Huh? How does

replied: Yeah. But how did you know that? Where are you now?

texted: I’m with Mommy. Daddy hasn’t

at his reply, but he quickly let out a breath of relief. So he really is with Mommy! That was quick.

asked: Are we

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