Chapter 10 Chased Away By His Fiancée

Zachary stared at Gavin angrily. “Why didn’t you admit it previously?”

No wonder something felt off about him. He wasn’t Jasper. Tsk. Can’t you just come clean when you blow your cover?

“I was afraid that you would tell Mommy the moment you realized I wasn’t Jasper. Would you guys still bring me back with you if you knew?” Gavin asked. He felt conflicted as he also worried that Arissa might not like him.

“Of course not!” Zachary asserted bluntly, indirectly hurting Gavin’s feelings.

“But why?” Gavin asked.

Zachary began to panic when he realized the hurtful look on Gavin’s face. He quickly explained, “Well, you have to understand, you’re supposed to be with your daddy now, and we’re supposed to with Mommy. If all of us were to follow Mommy, including you too, then your daddy would seek high and low for you, and that would expose us. Who knows if he’ll come after us for this!”

Gavin felt relieved upon learning that it wasn’t because Zachary despised him.

“In that case, let’s figure out why we got separated in the first place and then inform Daddy about this!” Gavin suggested.

Although Gavin was only a young child, he expressed himself in a calm and collected manner. Strangely, he also seemed to possess an innate ability that could make others yield to his request.

Zachary furrowed his brows. Nevertheless, he agreed that Gavin had a point.

“Agreed! Let me call Jasper then to caution him from exposing himself,” Zachary declared.

Immediately, Jasper received a phone call from Zachary, where the latter lectured him for causing them the present mess they were in now.

After Zachary finished lecturing Jasper, he turned to ask Gavin a crucial detail. “By the way, what is your daddy’s name?”

“Benjamin Graham!” Gavin answered casually. His eyes stared steadily into Zachary’s before curling his lips into a smile. “Who is also your daddy!” he continued.

what? Our daddy is Benjamin Graham? That Grim Reaper whom no one dared to

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you well?” Zachary asked Gavin cautiously, hoping to

as how Mommy treats me!” Gavin really did look up to Benjamin. However, it was also undeniable that the relationship between them was a bit awkward and

Zachary immediately heightened his senses. He sized up Gavin from head to toe. With his brows furrowed, he asked, “Are you

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