Chapter 11 Benjamin Misunderstood

Danna let out a disdainful snort. With inexplicable animosity, she scoffed, “Now, be on your way out!”

Arissa was breathless with anger. After shooting one last glance at Danna, she turned her back against Danna and left the room.

Seeing how she had offended her potential boss’ fiancée, she reckoned that she probably did not have a chance of getting the job anymore.

“Even if you really were his fiancée, you shouldn’t be so rude and unkind to others!” Arissa retorted. At this point, she was no longer intimidated by Danna’s threats. She was determined to leave this situation with her dignity intact.

“You!” Danna’s face began to scrunch up in anger.

She glared at Arissa’s departing figure with sinister thoughts boiling within her.

At this point, Arissa had walked out of Benjamin’s office and headed toward the direction of the elevator. She then boarded the elevator immediately.

Just then, the private elevator inside the CEO’s office opened. Benjamin stepped out of the elevator.

The man’s posture was tall and proud, while he had extraordinarily handsome features. He also radiated an innate sense of nobility that could make anyone’s heart in his presence flutter.

Danna’s heart began to pound at the sight of him. Staring at Benjamin’s impeccably handsome face, a hint of madness arose within her. This man was hers in her mind, and whoever was to stand in her way shall be met with death undoubtedly.

With his long and narrow yet sharp phoenix eyes, Benjamin quickly scanned the room. However, instead of finding the supposed interviewee, he saw Danna instead. Immediately, he frowned at the sight of Danna.

“Benjamin, you’re here! I brought you breakfast,” Danna exclaimed after quickly adjusting into a gentle expression. She then briskly walked over to Benjamin’s side and attempted to wrap her hand around Benjamin’s arm. However, Benjamin swiftly dodged that attempt of hers.

He walked toward his desk with a stone-cold expression instead.

“What are you doing here?” he asked in an eerily cold voice, with no hint of warmth in his tone at all.

Danna’s heart sank. Looking at her pair of lonely hands, the smile on her face began to stiffen. Nevertheless, she recollected herself and quickly followed after him, gathering a smile on her face once again.

“Well, I was afraid that you haven’t eaten breakfast. Here, I made this for you. Please eat it while it’s still hot!” Danna replied as she opened the lunchbox and placed it on Benjamin’s desk.

Benjamin only swept one glance at the lunch box before monotonously replying, “Please go and leave

began to work. That eerily cold and apathetic attitude of his made her feel like her heart sank alongside a large stone. After all these years,

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her off abruptly without even casting her a glance,

when you feel hungry later!” Danna pleaded. She cast him an unwilling gaze, reluctant to part ways

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her for an interview. She requested that I convey this on her behalf. Apparently, the

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Ms. York already?” Ethen asked as he walked toward Benjamin’s work desk. Yet,

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time with people who are disinterested in the company!” Benjamin roared. Which bloody company is it that could afford to offer a better remuneration than

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a mere coincidence that she had plans to return to the country, thus was willing to accept

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