Chapter 12 The Other Woman Named Adams

After exiting the Graham Group office, Arissa turned around to look at the sky-high building. It was undeniable that she felt a little disappointed with the interview outcome.

At first, she thought the interview would proceed smoothly and that she would soon begin working here. But who knew a turn of events would change this trajectory.

Since fate had other plans, she could only search for other opportunities.

I mean, there are plenty of other companies besides Graham Group anyway.

Arissa hailed a taxi to go home. On the way back, she suddenly received a phone call. Seeing that it was Ethen, Arissa felt odd that he could still call her after her earlier encounter.

Arissa furrowed unconsciously. Nonetheless, she answered the phone call with a courteous tone. “Hi there, Mr. Frank!”

“Hello, Ms. York!” Ethen replied, secretly trying to test the waters. “Ms. York, is there something that you’re unsatisfied with Graham Group? If the concern relates to your remuneration, please know that we’re open to discussion. Our CEO, Mr. Graham, really values your talent. We sincerely hope that you’ll consider working with us.”

Arissa was stunned by Ethen’s words. What is Mr. Frank up to now?

Arissa tried to make sense of the situation before concluding that Ethen and the rest of them probably didn’t know that she was chased away by Danna.

Thus, she replied, “There’s nothing that I’m unsatisfied with the Graham Group. I came to today’s interview with sincerity to join the company too. However, since Mr. Graham’s fiancée did not like me and chose to shoo me away with a mouthful of nasty and impolite words, I figured that there is no longer a reason for me to join your company. I will take my shot with other companies instead.”

Upon listening to this, Ethen was shocked. “You mean Ms. Adams?”

Ms. Adams!

Arissa’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of that name. The name instantly brought out a deep-seated hatred that she had buried deep in her heart for many years.

she instructed cruel treatments upon

woman from my past? Or is

Arissa still couldn’t understand why that woman wanted to take her babies away from her. They had no past grudges and didn’t even know each other. Yet, that woman secretly set Arissa up and locked her in an abandoned building until she gave birth

Arissa thought that this whole thing was her father’s doing. However, as time went by, she realized that things didn’t make

that woman

Realizing that Arissa had stopped responding for a while, Ethen called out to get

her senses

failed?” Ethen was still in shock. He needed Arissa to confirm this explicitly as he still had a lingering worry that the interview might have failed because of the negotiation between

Adams would interfere with

see my potential, Mr. Graham wouldn’t see it either.” Arissa’s mood was affected by the memories and realizations she recalled. Since she wasn’t in a good mood, she didn’t

is way out of my league. Goodbye now!” Arissa commented

this matter? That woman from the office earlier sounded different from the woman five years ago. That woman who took my babies had a slightly

then tried hard to recall the encounter with Ms. Adams at the office earlier. She recalled seeing

someone else in her fiancé’s

that inexplicable animosity she had against her. She seemed to be rushing to chase Arissa

about it, the more

ago? If that’s

out her phone to

information. Could it be that Mr. Graham has hidden all the personal and private information relating to him? Seeing how unique his identity is,

CEO’s office to find Benjamin. At the office, Ethen carefully studied Benjamin for a while. Nonetheless, he failed to determine what Benjamin was feeling. “Speak if you have something

his remaining courage to finish his sentence. “She said that it was your fiancée who chased

Ethen closed his eyes so that he wouldn’t have to look

with skepticism. Benjamin never doubted Danna. On the contrary, he believed that Arissa could not be

by that candidate? Why is he speaking on her behalf

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