Chapter 19 Come To My Office Tomorrow

“Sweethearts, it’s time to eat. Stop playing on the computer and go wash your hands!” Arissa cooked the dishes, came over, and ordered the children to wash their hands, unaware that someone had ill intentions toward her.

“Mommy, we’re coming!” Hastily, they turned off the computer, and Zachary looked at Gavin.

“Why did he call me? He didn’t suspect us, did he?” asked Zachary. The boy then hastily removed the SIM card, so as not to be tracked down by Benjamin.

He didn’t expect Benjamin to be so perceptive and grew too careless. He won’t blame it on Mommy, will he?

“That’s highly possible!” Gavin had not expected Zachary to go ahead and hack Benjamin’s computer.

He thought the latter had only hacked into the electrical circuit system.

I had just texted Daddy before hacking into his computer. He’s definitely going to be suspicious.

“What are you guys talking about? Can you tell me?” Oliver looked at the two, frustration evident on his face. They had been talking without letting him in on their conversation.

“Sweethearts, come out!” shouted Arissa again.

Zachary patted his restless younger brother on the shoulder. “I’ll tell you about it after dinner. Let us go outside. Mommy’s rushing us!”

“Let’s go eat first!” Gavin followed behind and walked out of the room.

When Oliver heard this, he twitched his lips. They have a secret, and they’re even hiding it from me! Hmph!

He also hurriedly ran out of the room.

The three of them washed their hands and went to the dining room, where Jesse had already taken a seat and was drinking the soup.

so slow! I’ve almost finished a bowl!”

sat down next to her and caressed her head, “Then drink more if you like it, and we will

then turned

Jesse for a while. He really smiles like a girl. Worried about hurting the

the soup to the children. She also served herself a bowl, sat down, and

at the

had been touched. Hacking his computer seemed to be just a way to show displeasure. Surprisingly, this number couldn’t track her position. Is she really cautious, or is the person who hacked my computer not her? The timing was too much of a coincidence though.

not determine that the person who had just hacked the

report Benjamin’s schedule. As he approached the latter, his eyes met the man’s intense glare, and

Benjamin and gingerly greeted him. Did I do something to

response. “Did you give my private number

and hastily shook his head. “No, I didn’t!” I don’t have the guts to give someone else your private number. I still have to live. He continued, “What’s

was cold and stern as he looked at Ethen. “You didn’t

your business card! I swear

number, so how would she have

Graham, did she call you?” asked

in a low voice, “Do you know

understanding his intention. “Mr. Graham, may I ask why

at Graham Group? Tell her to come to

was. If she really hacked into his computer,

his thigh. “I’m going to

cold gaze pierced him instantly. Ethen controlled his expression and moved aside to

her that she was to go to Graham Group tomorrow for another interview. She was stunned, as she had originally intended to

Mr. Graham who told me to go there?” She didn’t want to be humiliated again

misunderstanding.” Then, he continued, “Don’t worry about it, Ms. York. Mr. Graham loves people who have talent, and you can tell him

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