Chapter 20 Keep Tracking That Guy

Zachary was eating his meal, and his eyes flashed when he heard the alarm on his phone.

“Mommy, I’ll leave for a second!”

With that, he left his chair and ran to his phone.

When he saw someone checking his data, he narrowed his eyes, used his hacking technique, and attacked directly.

In the blink of an eye, all the information about him was erased.

“Sweetheart, what’s going on?” Arissa turned around and looked at her son. She wondered what he was doing, not coming to dinner.

“Mommy, give me a second!” After making sure the other party could not find any information on him, he then only walked over to Arissa.

When she saw Zachary being mysterious, she laughed. “What are you doing?”

“Nothing. A friend was looking for me to play a game, and I replied him!” replied Zachary calmly.

Gavin looked at Zachary and immediately knew something was wrong.

Arissa also looked at him and smiled. Without questioning him any further, she gave each of the four children chicken wings before giving herself one.

“Hurry up and eat! Eat up before you play!”

“Mommy, your cooking is so delicious!” Gavin ate happily. He liked the food very much.

Arissa was in high spirits from her son’s praises. With a loving smile, she said, “Eat more if it’s good!”

Seeing the children enjoying their food, she put on a satisfied expression.

Meanwhile, over at Yaleview, Ethen saw that the information screen was suddenly blank. He furrowed his brows, searched again, and found that the information had become garbled.

What’s going on? D*mn! This person has some skills.

was dead too. Ethen

definitely better than mine. The information I just found


“Keep tracking that guy!”

did not dare to be


a soft voice sounded from the doorway, and Benjamin’s cold, stern face softened as he

the study, rubbing his eyes. He had

liked Jasper a lot. He waved and

head and looked at him. His little face showed a smile.

dotingly at

and touched his face. “Do you

hungry!” Jasper

very nervous. I just came downstairs and heard that Benjamin was going to investigate Zachary. That’s very strange. Why does Daddy want to check on him? Does he already know

as he eyed him. He raised an eyebrow and carried him over to the

are you staring at

That action was like proof of his shyness, and it made

rarely does that.

sat Jasper down on

he wiped his little

his heart.

soup to the father and

Be careful. It’s hot!” reminded Benjamin before digging in

study and whispered, “Won’t Mr. Frank be

boy is pretty good to

butler went over and called

to dinner, Ethen hurriedly came


assistant a cold look and said in a light voice,

hugged Jasper, and chirped

delighted assistant then sat down next to Jasper and put some food on the child’s plate. “Jasper, you slept for quite

terrible, so I slept more,”

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