Chapter 21 I Am Sorry

Meanwhile, after they finished eating, the four children helped Arissa clean the dishes. She smiled and did not stop them from helping her.

Some habits have to be practiced at an early age.

“Be careful!” She had just barked a warning when Gavin broke a bowl.

He had jerked at Arissa’s loud reminder and lost grip on the bowl. “Mommy, I’m sorry!”

Arissa saw how nervous Gavin was, and she burst out laughing. “It’s okay as long as you’re not hurt!” Hastily, she pulled Gavin away, grabbed a broom, and gathered all the shard pieces into a trash bag. “Go outside and play first. There might still be broken pieces lying around. I’ll take care of it!”

“Come on, let’s go out!” Zachary pulled Gavin out and comforted him, “It’s all right!”

Gavin still felt very sorry.

Zachary knew he had not done household chores before, and hence it was absolutely normal to accidentally break a bowl.

“Just be careful in the future. We have broken bowls before too!”

“Yes! I broke two in the past!” Jesse laughed awkwardly, showing an adorable smile with missing teeth.

“You’re luckier than me. Mommy was in a good mood. She scolded me the last time I broke a bowl!” Oliver envied him, and Gavin looked at them in surprise.

I see. They have broken bowls before, too. Suddenly, he felt much better.

The four of them went out into the living room. Oliver still remembered the previous matter and beckoned Zachary into the room to explain clearly.

Zachary knew Oliver couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer, so he headed over.

In the kitchen, Arissa looked closely at the floor. She was concerned about any small splinters hidden from view, so she took the tape and pasted it on the floor repeatedly.

After ascertaining there were no more splinters on the floor, she wrapped the trash bag in tape to avoid being cut by splinters poking out.

She then threw it in the trash.

Meanwhile, there were three of them in the room, and Gavin started the conversation. “What was going on at dinner just now?”

“Someone’s investigating me!”

a glance. Gavin immediately guessed who that person was. Daddy’s

it, so they can’t find out anything about me!” Zachary was

them to let the cat out of the bag. So mysterious. Can’t they

to him, “We’re talking about

at them in disbelief. “You guys figured out who he is?” When did that happen? They didn’t even

ran over, and asked, “What are

Go take a bath first!” Zachary was not going to tell Jesse yet, because he knew Jesse couldn’t keep a secret.

Anyway, Mommy will see him tomorrow when she goes to Graham Group, so it’s better to

take a bath yet!” The child then looked at three of them and asked with a smile,

it’s not a secret. Zachary asked me for money!” Oliver thought

eyes snapped open. No wonder he was so loud. It was because Zachary asked for money. The cheery

much do you want? I’ll give it

he noticed how generous Jesse was. He patted the

your money. I want his. Now, go

With that, Jesse looked at them

not long before the sound of television

Gavin admired Zachary because

closed the door and continued excitedly, “Do

Zachary and Gavin nodded.

like? Is he handsome? Is

who had switched.

Graham!” replied

mentally prepared for the encounter!” He has enormous riches, and he

hurriedly stopped him. “If you tell Mommy now, would she still be able to

Oliver looked at them, then asked,

at Gavin, who was

name is

Oliver was dumbfounded.

was alone

“Where are your brothers?”

“They’re in the room!”

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