Chapter 24 Related To Zachary

Benjamin was surprised, and his gaze fixed on the woman seated in front of him. She was not servile nor relenting. Instead, there was a hint of stubbornness in her eyes.

“I’ll gauge your capabilities from your contributions to the company!”

Benjamin was a man who judged people based on their capabilities. Those who were not capable would not even survive the company’s probation period as Graham Group was no place for useless people.

Arissa was shocked, shooting an uncertain glance at the man. Does this mean that he’s hiring me? ”You mean…”

He stared straight at her and said, “I have something to ask.”

“Please go on.” Arissa gestured for him to continue.

Benjamin watched her and asked, “Why did you speak to me like that last night? Aren’t you afraid that I’ll get you back for that?”

Arissa froze and watched him in puzzlement. “What did I say last night? I don’t know you! No, I do know you. However, I haven’t met you before. Moreover, I don’t have your contact details. When would I have the opportunity to say something to you? I think you may have gotten the wrong person as this is our first time meeting.”

was dumbfounded, and her intuition told her that Benjamin

No, this

she ran away before seeing that man clearly, so it did not count as

to stare at Arissa. Undoubtedly, the text was from her. Even if it wasn’t, it’s

tongue topped the inside of his cheek, adding

heart thudded in her chest, beating fast

“Mr. Graham?”

recalled the message the

and stating you were chased away by my fiancée. In the message, you told me to consider hiring you if I’ve not

as she was sure she

acting yesterday, and it dawned on her that they must have

not regret my decision.” The corners of Benjamin’s

into his eyes and gulped. “Can I have a look at the

scrutinized her expression closely. He narrowed his eyes and

“No, it’s not!”

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