Chapter 25 Jealousy

Benjamin tapped on his thigh and lowered his gaze, making Arissa even more nervous as she watched me.

“Why would your brother have my number?”

Arissa’s heart skipped a beat. She did not know how to elaborate the lie, and even if she were to tell him the truth now, there would be no guarantee he would believe her.

Furthermore, Benjamin seemed to suspect that she did it.

“Perhaps it was a coincidence?”

Benjamin scoffed.

Arissa was at a loss for words. “It really isn’t me who sent that, but I’ll apologize to you since I’m responsible for his misdemeanor. I sincerely apologize for all of the inconvenience we’ve caused you.”

Arissa was Zachary’s mother, and hence, she was obliged to apologize on his behalf.

“How about I give him a call to ask? I’ll lecture him about this when I get home. I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience.”

How brave of him to send a text to Benjamin. I was wondering why he would think of calling me here, and this is why!

“There’s no need.”

wanted to know, and the call would not

did it, she would have it all planned out. The call will be

his expression of distrust and was speechless. She no longer wished to explain herself. She, too, would not

can go ahead and reject me. However, I hope that you could give me a chance. I believe that you won’t be disappointed with my capabilities should you

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“So confident?”

arrogant tone and suppressed her dissatisfaction. “I have the right to be confident. Mr. Graham, what do you say? Let’s be direct and not waste each other’s

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“Ethen!” he shouted.

Ethen ran

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the man would not even consider giving her a chance.

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was impressed when he saw that. “Ms. York, how did you think about

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