Chapter 26 Set Up Her Office

Benjamin cast a meaningful glance at Arissa and ordered, “Ethen, set up her office!”

His expression was unreadable, puzzling Arissa further. Why does he keep looking at me that way? It’s as if he’s harboring doubt toward me.

She got up and said with a smile, “Thank you for the approval.”

Benjamin glanced at her and returned to his seat behind the office desk, his sharp gaze remaining fixed on Arissa.

“Go ahead and tell me your conditions, expected salary, and benefits.”

She did not expect him to agree so easily, and the corners of her mouth lifted.

“The terms that were discussed earlier are fine. You can decide if I deserve more!” Arissa would not raise her asking price.

Benjamin raised his brows at her agreeable manner and glanced at Ethen, then back at Arissa.

“You’re under a probation period of one month, and your salary will be based on your previous one during this time. I need to see results within a month to decide if you’ll be converted into a permanent employee and get a raise.”

Arissa nodded and said, “All right!”

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Arissa nodded. “All right!”

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