Chapter 27 I Have Children

“That’s right. Ever since Mr. Frank told us you’d join us, we’ve been looking forward to it. At long last!”

“Ms. York, I’m your fan. Please remember me!”

“Ms. York, I’m from the same school as you, but I’m your junior. Remember me too! I’m Six!”

“Go away, Six. Ms. York, notice me! I’m Three.”

There were more than ten of them, and they were all talented IT people with their own unique skills. Arissa could not tell who was who in such a short time, so she merely smiled adoringly at her colleagues.

Ethen explained, “They like to use code names to address one another. It’s according to the order of which they joined the team.”

After hearing his explanation, Arissa nodded understandingly and introduced herself, “Hello, everyone. I’m Arissa York.”

“Welcome, welcome!”

Everyone was very friendly. “Haha! Our department has a beauty now. Ms. York’s beauty is for sure able to make the others pale in comparison. The other departments will be green with envy!”


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