Chapter 35 Why Is Benjamin Here

The kids were shocked when they saw how elegant and stunning she looked.

“Wow! You’re so beautiful, Mommy!”

Oliver had a look of admiration on his face. I can just stare at Mommy’s pretty face all day long!

Gavin, too, was stunned by Arissa’s beauty. He could not tear his eyes away from her face.

“Mommy, your fiery red lipstick suits you really well! You look really dashing!” Zachary complimented with a proud look on his face.

“How can I be dashing, Zachary? The correct word should be beautiful.”

Arissa raised her eyebrows haughtily.

Meanwhile, Jesse went up to Arissa and hugged her leg. “As soon as you step outside, there will be plenty of men looking at you, Mommy!”


However, the reason she had to doll herself up was not to attract male attention, but to appear domineering, as she would be enrolling the children in a prestigious school. If Arissa were to wear something shabby, she could not possibly command presence in front of the elites.

“Let’s go, children! We’re heading to the school now.”

The four children fetched her handbag, keys and high heels.

Finally, the family of five were dressed nicely, ready to head downstairs.

Just when they arrived downstairs, everyone was staring at them, admiring their exceptional appearance and style.

Nevertheless, Arissa was used to the ogles and stares from onlookers. She called to the kids hurriedly, “Stop wasting time! Hurry up!”

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