Chapter 36 I Do Not Have A Daddy

Flustered, Zachary quickly went into hiding in a corner with his siblings. However, Jesse tripped and fell on the way.

They wanted to help her up instinctively, but Ethen’s approaching footstep forced them back inside.

Seeing Jesse falling over, Arissa hurried to help her up while dusting off the dirt on her dress.

“Did you get hurt?”

“Nope!” Jesse replied nervously while stealing glances at Ethen.

Did I just ruin Mommy’s job, by any chance? What if her boss resents the fact that she has a child and fires her?

Arissa pinched her daughter’s little face.

“Hello there, Ms. York!”

“Oh, hello, Mr. Frank! What brings you here?” Arissa got up to her feet and greeted back casually. She acted as she had just seen him coming by.

“We just happened to pass by and see you here. Mr. Graham hopes to have a talk with you.”

Jesse batted her eyelashes while staring at Ethen. Phew! Luckily he is not Mommy’s boss.

that the adorable little girl standing beside Arissa had such exquisite features that she looked like a pretty

this your daughter, Ms. York?”

Arissa replied. Ethen knows that I have a child. It does

sir!” Jesse greeted with a smiley face. Her bright eyes and dimples

was charmed by the little girl’s

He could not help but reach out to ruffle her

Arissa break into a smile. She noticed that Benjamin had

Jesse to Ethen and went

Ethen. What’s your name?”

smile. As she grinned, she revealed the empty space in her mouth that her

Ethen to handle. Once again,

are you living

nodded with

asked an inappropriate question

to be troubled at his question

it!” Feeling sorry,

his guilty look, Jesse fumbled a candy from her

is for you,

did not expect

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