In the past three years, a genius female doctor had become world-famous through her usage of her traditional medical knowledge that was passed down for five thousand years in Chanaea to cure countless people with complicated and incurable diseases. Originally, everyone thought that they could uncover her identity through her appearance. Oddly enough, she donned a different face every time she practiced medicine. Because of that, countless people who wanted to find out her identity could not identify who she was. Even the most influential persons had to send her a mail and wait for an appointment obediently if they wanted her treatment. Ultimately, it still depended on whether the female genius doctor was willing to save them. The woman was none other than Natalie, who was wearing the hyper-realistic mask. “Sweetheart, one hundred million is a lot of money. Who’s the one in need of my help? What incurable disease does he want me to cure?” “Mommy, the person who asked for your help is Julian Todd, the chairman of Prime Real Estate. He had a cerebral hemorrhage suddenly three months ago. Ever since the disease onset, his lower body has been paralyzed, and he also has difficulty speaking because of his damaged nervous system.” Natalie snorted in response upon hearing Julian’s name. “I’m not going to help him.” “Mommy, how can you reply without hesitating when he offered a hundred million?” “He wants to buy my conscience with just a hundred million? He’s willing to lose his conscience for money over the years, though! A b*stard like him is the one who is afraid of death the most!” A contempt-filled glint flashed across Natalie’s eyes as she threw the hyper-realistic mask on the table. “Mommy, is that the reason you decided to come back and act as a coroner instead of a genius doctor?” “Humans are always greedy. Even though doctors are never omnipotent, some people think that they can ask the doctors for the impossible as long as they have money. I’d rather speak for the dead than cure those people.” Natalie did not deny it. “Mommy, I love your sense of justice!” Xavian’s face was full of admiration for Natalie. Upon hearing that, Natalie smiled and replied, “Of course. Who doesn’t like me?” When Xavian looked at Natalie’s face without the hyper-realistic mask, he subconsciously thought about the clingy little girl they met at the airport. “Mommy, the little girl who clung to you today looks kind of like you…” “Is that so?” Inevitably, Natalie recalled her own daughter upon hearing that. Five years ago, after she gave birth to a pair of twins, the twins were taken away by Yara immediately. With Yara’s hatred for her, the odds that the babies survived were slim. Her heart pounded when she thought of it. Is my daughter around the same age as the cutie I met at the airport today if she is still alive? The next day at around five in the morning, Natalie was awakened by a phone call. She answered the phone in a daze, and an older man’s voice could be heard from her phone. “Natalie, sorry to send you on an errand before you’re officially on duty. A few plastic bags full of body parts of corpses were salvaged from Lucent River this morning. They were there for quite some time, and time is of utmost importance for autopsy. I need you to report for duty immediately.” “Mr. Jones, send me the location and address. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Shortly afterward, she rubbed her drowsy eyes and got up from the bed after she tucked Xavian into bed. Then, she wore the hyper-realistic mask that was full of freckles after a quick wash. The beautiful face reflected in the mirror changed into a plain woman’s instantly, with the exception of her glittering eyes. In less than fifteen minutes, she arrived at the scene. The scene was blocked by the cordon, and a police officer in his uniform stopped her in her tracks. “Lady, the road is blocked. No outsider is allowed to enter.” “I’m Natalie Nichols, the specially-appointed coroner by the Major Crimes Unit of Dellmoor.” Natalie took out an identification card and passed it to the police officer. After he took a glance at the identification card, his expression immediately changed when he looked at her. The specially-appointed coroner was not under any of the Major Crimes Unit system or department and only took orders directly from the chief of police. Furthermore, she would not receive any orders from them. Instead, she was the one who would give them orders. She frowned at him when she realized that he had not returned to his sense. “Excuse me, can I enter now?” “Of course. This way, please.” He saluted at Natalie and let her enter. When she reached the riverbank, she saw a few plastic bags on the ground, and one of them was opened. The plastic bag was full of body parts, and the surrounding was covered in blood splotches. At that moment, two other coroners in white coats were taking pictures of the plastic bags and were getting ready to return. The visual impact, coupled with the pungent smell, caused the two coroners to act sluggish. The female coroner even attempted to stop halfway quite a few times. After further assessment, she understood why Gerald asked for her help urgently. She rolled up her sleeves and squatted down before she opened the autopsy instrument kit on the ground. “You guys are taking way too long.” Brandon Hughes and Effie Jones looked at each other. Effie, terrified by the scene and felt churning in her stomach, got upset when she was lectured by the ugly woman talking to herself in front of her. “Who do you think you are? Who are you to lecture us on what to do?”

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