Natalie changed into a white coat and wore a pair of medical rubber gloves, unperturbed by the questions. “I’m Natalie Nichols, the specially-appointed coroner, and I’m here to report for duty.” With that, she immediately picked up a foul-smelling piece of remains and sized it up without frowning at it. “Unfortunately for you, I do have the authority to tell you what to do. If you don’t like it, hold it in.” Effie and Brandon were aware that the headquarters had sent an important person, but they never guessed that the important person would be the woman in her twenties in front of them. They just stared at Natalie incredulously, frozen in place. Seeing that the two stopped working, Natalie narrowed her eyes. “Why are you staring at me? Is there a clue to solving the case written on my face?” Although the hyper-realistic mask on Natalie’s face greatly reduced her charisma, her sharp eyes remained intimidating. Subconsciously, the other two did not dare to raise any objections when they felt the calm aura emitted by her. Within a split second, Effie and Brandon did not get distracted anymore and assisted Natalie in marking the corpses as they took pictures. After taking the pictures, they loaded the body bags into the car and followed the vehicle back to the police station. Then, Natalie got out of the car when the car stopped in front of the police station. She was about to go into the autopsy room with the body bag when she was halted in her tracks by a stranger. “Ms. Nichols, my employer has been waiting for you for quite some time. Could you please step over to that Bentley for a few words?” Natalie glanced at the Bentley not far away and sneered. “Shouldn’t you introduce yourself before you offer an invitation to people?” Upon hearing that, Billy Morin was stunned. As Samuel’s subordinate, he had dealt with many kinds of people before, but he had never met an outright discourteous woman like this one. “Ms. Nichols, my superior is the CEO of Centurion Corporation, Samuel Bowers, and he would like to have a few words with you.” Samuel Bowers? Even though Natalie had not worked in Dellmoor for five years, she had heard about Samuel Bowers. The Bowers family was prominent in Dellmoor and even Chanaea, involved in various industries, including real estate, finance, development of chips, sports, entertainment, and other industries. The Bowers family may seem low profile, but their involvement in various industries was like the roots of a tree that had long since seeped and spread to all walks of life of Chanaea. I’ve never crossed paths with Samuel. Why is he suddenly approaching me? She could not figure out the reason, so she decided not to trouble herself by overthinking. “Pass a message to your boss that I’m busy with an autopsy. I don’t have time to meet him.” Billy and the two people watching, Brandon and Effie, were stunned upon hearing what she said. “What? The person who invited you is Samuel Bowers?” “Boss, it’s fine if you ignore others looking for you, but how can you ignore Samuel?” Natalie glanced at the two followers behind her as she frowned. “Are those three bags of corpses fully examined? Finish the examination first before you talk about meeting with Samuel!” Her face was plain under the sunlight, but her eyes exuded an assertive aura. Brandon and Effie fully comprehended that the autopsy work at that moment was the most urgent matter, so they did not dare to say anything and followed Natalie upstairs to the autopsy room. Knowing that he had failed his task, Billy went back to the Bentley’s driver seat with a sullen face after looking at Natalie’s determined back. Inside the Bentley, Samuel’s gaze lifted from the documents in his hands to Billy and asked, “Billy, where’s that woman?” “I’ve told Natalie that you’ve invited her over for a conversation, but she refused the invitation without any hesitation…” Billy replied without confidence as his voice trailed off. Without any hesitation? I’m doing it out of sincerity for Sophia, yet I didn’t even get to see her face. “Did she mention her reason for rejecting my invitation?” “She said that she was too busy with an autopsy at the moment to meet you.” After saying that, Billy carefully sized up Samuel through the rearview mirror. Samuel’s gaze turned dark upon hearing that as he pressed his finger lightly against his lips. Then, he looked at the Major Crimes Unit building and said, “Since she’s busy with the autopsy and does not have time to meet me, I’ll see her after she’s done with the autopsy.” In all these years, Samuel seemed to be busy with work all day long, leaving his children to Steven’s care, but he had never been negligent toward Franklin and Sophia. As long as there was a sliver of a chance to cure Sophia’s aphasia, he would never give up. “Billy, has Natalie’s information been sent over yet?” “Yes, but it’s just the basic information.” Billy continued, “I’m not sure if it’s related to her career, but her past experiences are all confidential.” “Can’t our hacker just hack the system?” “Sir…” Billy closed his eyes and explained honestly, “It can’t be hacked. Not only that, but our system was counter hacked by them, and we lost millions of codes because of it.” Upon hearing that, a hint of surprise flashed across Samuel’s eyes. The corner of his lips raised in amusement. “Interesting! It seems like I must meet Natalie as soon as possible.”

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