Natalie and the other two went to the eighth floor of the Major Crimes Unit building. The eighth floor was shared by coroners and the forensic department. Under the bright ceiling lights, it was colder than other floors, probably because it was closer to the morgue. Natalie did not spare any time to appreciate the new office. Instead, she swiftly disinfected herself and was ready to bring the two coroners into the autopsy room. The moment she turned around, she noticed that Effie was standing in front of the window with her eyes fixated on the Bentley that was still there. “Are you still thinking about Samuel?” Although Natalie saw through Effie, the latter denied, “N-No. Stop talking nonsense.” “Only you would know whether I’m talking nonsense or not.” Natalie looked at her with cold eyes and continued, “I won’t interfere with the private lives of my subordinates, but if your emotions affect your duties, I’ll have you pack up your things and leave immediately. I’ll do so even if your grandfather is the chief of the Major Crimes Unit.” Unwillingly, Effie bit her lips, but she did not retort back. Before Natalie officially took over her new post, Gerald had already advised Effie to control her temper and learn from the new coroner diligently. If Natalie gave her a D rating at the end of the year, Gerald would never cover up for her and dismiss her as required. Besides that, she was also afraid that Natalie would complain about her to Gerald. Thinking about that, she gave up on Samuel and concentrated on her work. In the autopsy room, the bright red-colored blood was neutralized by the green surgical light on top of the dissecting platform. Natalie began to arrange the corpse’s body parts on the dissecting platform. Then, she stitched the body parts together. Skillfully, her movements were very professional and sophisticated. Brandon and Effie were shocked by how the surgical suture in her hand moved flawlessly. While they knew that Natalie must be exceptional for her to be a coroner that was specially appointed, they did not expect that she was that professional. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Can’t she smell the foul stench of the corpse? Once the corpse was stitched together, they started to examine the damaged tissue, which took them a lot of time. At night, Yara hurried to the Bowers residence after finishing her shooting sessions for that day. In name, Yara visited the Bowers residence to see the twins. In reality, her true intention was not to visit the twins but Samuel. Five years ago, she thought that she could take advantage of the twins and become Samuel’s wife. However, Samuel only recognized the twins as his children and not Yara as their biological mother. None of the outsiders knew that she was the mother of Franklin and Sophia. Even within the Bowers family, everyone only thought of her as the mother of the twins, but none of them treated her as the mistress of the Bowers family. In all those years, Yara treated the twins well with an ulterior motive, hoping that as long she was the mother of the twins, she would be accepted by Samuel eventually. Nonetheless, five years passed, and she still had not become the mistress of the Bowers family. “You’re here, Ms. Nichols.” Gavin Ford guided Yara through the entrance. “Gavin, is Samuel home?” “Mr. Samuel has yet to return, but Mr. Franklin and Ms. Sophia are at home.” Gavin treated Yara respectfully as the biological mother of the twins. “You haven’t seen them for a long time now, right?” When Yara heard that Samuel was not at home and the twins were at home, she immediately grimaced. After all, the twins were not her biological children, yet they kept getting her into trouble. It was fine when Samuel was around, but when he was not around, the twins would leave her aside without talking to her. Even though she wanted to teach them a lesson, she could not do it because they were the apples of Samuel’s eyes. She was terrified that if she were to punish them, Samuel would not let her into the Bowers family anymore. “Ms. Nichols.” “Yes?” Yara returned to her senses and replied with a smile, “Gavin, I was blaming myself just now for being their mother and not being able to be by their side all the time as they grew up. Even though I miss them a lot, I don’t have the right to be here often.” Ultimately, Yara was a skillful actress who could play the victim easily. Thinking that Yara really was blaming herself, Gavin comforted her, “Ms. Nichols, please don’t think too much about it. I’ll bring you to meet them now.” “Thank you.” With that, Yara followed Gavin up to the second floor. Then, Gavin knocked on the door of Franklin and Sophia’s room. “Mr. Franklin and Ms. Sophia, please open the door. Your mommy is here to see you.” She believed they would ignore her as usual, but a voice could be heard coming from inside the room. “Mr. Gavin, let her come in alone. Sophia and I want to be alone with her.” Upon hearing that, Gavin was relieved and said, “Ms. Nichols, there’s always a connection between a mother and her children after all. Your children also miss you a lot.” Yara forced a smile in reply, but she had a foreboding feeling about it.
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