Yara pushed the door open and stepped inside. She wasn’t fond of the twins. However, she put on a smile in an attempt to get on their good side as she said, “Hello, my dear children. I’m here to see you.” The twins, who were sitting on a wool rug, felt a chill run down their spine when they heard Yara say that. Even though Samuel had personally admitted that Yara was their mother, they simply didn’t like her. In fact, it could be said that they hated her. Franklin rolled his eyes, and a cheeky look flashed in them. “Can you come over here?” he asked. Yara had no idea what Franklin had up his sleeve but walked over anyway. “I have something really important to show you,” he declared. He tried his best to hide his sly expression, and instead made the most innocent look he could muster. Seeing that Franklin had lowered his guard toward her, Yara wanted to take the chance to get closer to him. In a gentle tone, she said, “Sure. Let me see what it is.” Franklin pulled his hand out from behind his back, where there was a small, snow-white snake twined around it. “This is my pet, Moony,” he explained. It was as if the snake had understood that Franklin was introducing it. Its amber eyes were fixed on Yara, and it began to flick its tongue excitedly. The sight of it gave Yara the shock of her life, and she backed up immediately. “Get it away from me! Hurry up! Don’t come close!” she shrieked. Franklin gave Moony a few pets, then purposely made his way over to Yara. “Sophia and I really like this snake. If you’re scared of it, then leave,” he stated. Sophia couldn’t speak, but she nodded from the side. Yara stared at the scheming twins, and she was so frustrated she could explode. She seriously wanted to slap them both in the face but held back after considering the consequences. “I’m your mother! You guys are crossing the line right now,” she warned. Then, she left their room in a fit of rage. Franklin had a look of exasperation on his face. “She’s useless, really. I can’t believe she was that scared just because of Moony. Daddy must have been blind to take a liking to someone like her.” Sophia nodded in agreement as she once again thought about the woman she had bumped into in the airport. She really wished that woman was her mother instead of Yara. Meanwhile, the clock struck eleven at night. Samuel had just gotten home, and Gavin informed him that Yara had visited Franklin and Sophia. “How long did she stay this time?” Samuel asked. “A bit longer than usual. Around fifteen minutes, I think,” Gavin replied. “I see. You may go now.” Samuel unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing his picture-perfect jawline and collarbone. Six years ago, he had been drugged. Just when it felt like he was about to combust from the heat plaguing his body, he had gone to Yara for an antidote. Unexpectedly, he ended up with Franklin and Sophia. Back then, he had been entranced by that youthful, seductive body. No matter how she whimpered and begged, he continued to dominate her. However, over the past five years, he hadn’t felt a thing toward Yara despite her being the same person. He only thought of her as the mother of his children. Samuel didn’t really care about her right now as he was more concerned about Natalie, who had given him the cold shoulder that morning. As he thought about it, he gave Billy a call. “How’s Natalie doing, Billy?” he inquired. “She hasn’t gotten off work yet. Apparently, she’s examining a dismembered corpse. It seems that she’s got a heavy workload,” he reported. Samuel glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. With a mysterious look in his eyes, he said, “Send her some supper in my name.” His words left Billy dumbstruck. “Sir, she’s an ungrateful person. Why are you—” Samuel interrupted him coldly, “Since when did you have the right to lecture me?” “I didn’t mean that. My apologies,” Billy hurriedly responded. Samuel hung up, and Billy proceeded to arrange supper for Natalie. He got up and stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to take a look at the blooming white roses in the courtyard. He didn’t care how difficult Natalie was to deal with or the price he had to pay. All that mattered to him was persuading her to help in treating Sophia’s aphasia. He didn’t want his precious daughter to go her whole life without speaking. At the very least, he wanted to hear her call him “Daddy.”

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