Chapter 20

Staring at Samuel’s face, Natalie was dumbfounded, unable to utter a single word,

Right then, Xavian switched the computer screen to another interface. He then pointed at it.

“Samuel Bowers, the head of the wealthiest family in Chanaea. He’s thirty years old and has tens of billions of net worth. Doesn’t he look identical to Clayton and me? Clayton doesn’t look exactly the same as this man. But, Mommy, take a good look at me. Don’t Samuel and I look alike?”

Natalie cupped Xavian’s face and took a good look at him.

Oh my goodness! He does look identical to Samuel! The thought of comparing their looks never crossed my mind, for Samuel’s facial features are sharp, while Xavian has a chubby face. Now that Xavian mentioned it, he does look like he’s a replica of Samuel.

“You guys do look a tiny bit alike, but he isn’t your and Clayton’s father.”

With his cheeks pinched by his mother, Xavian explained with a muffled voice, “Mommy, I look totally the same as him. H-He must be Daddy!”

“Sweetheart, don’t waste your time on him. Anyone can be your father but him.”

“Why?” he asked in astonishment.

“There’s no why.”

a brief moment, Natalie turned around and closed the laptop. She

was evident to the child that she was deliberately changing the subject. Afraid of

down, he wrapped his arms around Natalie’s neck

“Good night.”




tight squeeze in her

and Xavian do indeed look identical to Samuel. However, it’s impossible that Samuel is their biological father. Yara would never have let him be involved with me. On top of that, Samuel isn’t someone who

words could break Xavian’s heart. However, all she wished for was to stop the latter from

his blanket in his bedroom. It seemed like

Even if he isn’t our biological daddy,

reached a consensus that only a man like Samuel was

next day, Samuel was having

went to the waiting room to greet Steven, who had arrived at

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