Chapter 21

At the Forensic Department under the Major Crimes Unit, Effie delivered the final autopsy report of the murder case at Lucent River to Natalie, requesting her signature.

“Boss, the people from the Criminal Investigation Division are amazed by you for identifying the previous two victims’ identities so quickly. Thanks to that, they managed to save the third victim. The third victim was unconscious by the time they

found her. The murderer was about to inject potassium cyanide into her and dismember her.”

Thanks to Natalie’s help, we’ve arrested the murderer and saved a person’s life.

Effie leaned her cheek on her palm while staring at Natalie with admiration sparkling in her eyes.

“It’s great that we saved her.” The latter let out a sigh of relief. After flipping through the report, she signed it.

“Boss, we’ll be having a celebratory dinner tonight. Officer Williams specifically asked for you to attend it.”

“I won’t be going.” Natalie returned the document to Effie and continued in a calm tone, “I’ve gained permission from Mr. Jones to just focus on the cases and not join other irrelevant events.”

Effie was at a loss of words for a moment. She then nodded in agreement as she thought of her impression of Natalie. She has never given in just to please others. Her professionalism and skills are the ones that do the talking.

Natalie looked plain in her disguise.

Despite that, awe appeared on Effie’s face as she stared at the woman.

felt nervous upon feeling the intense stare. She then touched her hyper realistic mask, making sure that it was firmly attached.

and left in a cab. Her destination was

she got into the cab, a call came in.

she answered the call, Yandel’s grumbling voice sounded over the phone. “Boss, when will you be

on my way. I’ll be there in about half

man is weird. He isn’t intrigued by my generous offer to work as our company’s R&D director at

take on your offer. Just stall him

come over here

“I got it.”

after hanging

As she wished to keep a low profile and hide her identity, she had appointed Yandel as the CEO of the company, while she took on the role

I’ve never given up on making myself stronger. Besides, I’ll never forget Granddad

was deep in thought, the driver reminded, “We’re

paid the fare and got out

Pharmaceutical was astounding. Through the glass doors, crowds consisting of employees and visitors were seen everywhere

way in, a couple left

glance for her to

Yonah Hermann and Natasha


after her mother’s passing, Natalie had carried her mother’s urn to Dellmoor. Yonah, who gave her unyielding warmth, was like a

a year later, she found out that Natasha was

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