Chapter 22

Right as the two receptionists were ready to witness Natalie humiliating herself, the latter successfully unlocked the VIP elevator with her fingerprint and walked into it.

Instantly, the two were stupefied.

That woman looks to be about twenty-five and is far from being attractive. How could she possibly use the VIP elevator?

“Could it be that she’s our dream guy, Mr. Moss’ girlfriend?”

“It can’t be! Didn’t you see the freckles on that woman’s face? Mr. Moss will never like such an ugly woman like her.”

“If she isn’t Mr. Moss’ girlfriend, could it be that she’s our chairman?”

“T-That’s even more impossible.”

The discussion continued for a long while. Yet, they still could not figure out Natalie’s identity.

Meanwhile, the elevator reached the thirty-sixth floor, where the CEO’s office was located

As Yandel was still stalling Ross Trevor in the CEO’s office, he had sent his assistant, Jonty Jernigan, to greet Natalie.

“Mr. Moss instructed me to wait for your arrival.”

in response. “Is he still

Ross to come over here. However, Ross wants to leave after realizing that he has fallen for Mr. Moss’ trap. Mr. Moss has no choice but to stall him by


CEO’s office door before unlocking the door


floor while clinging to Ross’ leg with all his strength to stop the latter from stepping

the woman. The next instant, he loosened his grip on Ross’ leg and rose

heavens! Boss, you’re finally

ago vanished completely as Yandel

me for my recklessness just now. The real boss of this company is here

Natalie closed the door.


Ross was twenty-eight years old. Back then, he was an outstanding and dashing man. However, now, he looked decadent and lifeless. The stubble under his chin had

Ross up. In the meantime, the latter also scrutinized the woman, who had barged into the office all of a

are you calling a little girl to persuade me after

hearing Ross’ description of his boss. “Please have some respect. Who are you

could it be

dare you to say it again. I’ll throw

only had Ross’ elegance diminished, but he was also filled with pricks

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