Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 15
Once my fist connected with Chelsea’s face, it was as though the anger had completely drained from my body. I was left standing there gaping like a fool. While I didn’t regret my actions, I never had the guts to follow through on them before.

Breyona was standing just a few feet away, her jaw dropping as she looked at Chelsea.

My bad luck continued when Alpha Asher turned the corner as well. I clamped my jaw shut as Chelsea began wailing at the sight of Alpha Asher.

I hadn’t even hit her that hard. Just hard enough to leave a solid bruise on her face. Not nearly hard enough to break skin or blacken an eye. Yet she still whimpered and whined as if I had tried to murder her.

“Alpha!” Chelsea whined, “Lola just attacked me out of no where!”

Alpha Asher’s face was cold, and his eyes glanced between the two of us. Something burned in the back of his gaze when he locked eyes with me, and I fought to keep the smirk from forming on my face.

“Is that true, Lola?” Asher turned his hard gaze on me, the corner of his lip twitching suspiciously.

“Say no.” Maya hissed.

Once again, my big mouth got me into trouble.

“If you consider a punch to the face an attack, then yes.” I stared at him deadpan, “I attacked her ever so viciously.”

“Lola, do you enjoy being alive?” Maya growled under her breath.

“Quite so.” I snipped sarcastically, “Why do you ask?”

“Really?” Maya rolled her eyes, “Then why do you insist on trying to get us killed.”

“Y’know, you’re awfully negative.” I snickered at my temperamental wolf.

“Shut up, Lola.” Maya sighed, shaking her head.

Within seconds Asher had his hand clamped around my forearm, tight enough to cause pain.

“See you at 9.” I called out to a stunned Breyona over my shoulder.

Alpha Asher’s pace was fast as he dragged me along with him. My feet stumbled and tripped to keep up.

Alpha Asher took me around to the front of the house, storming around to the forest line with my arm in his grip.

Confusion washed over me as he passed the pack house. Where the h**l was he planning on taking me?

Alpha Asher stormed into the woods, only going a few feet in until I was slammed against a tree.

“See, Lola.” Maya huffed, “He’s taken us out into the woods so he can kill us in peace.”

“Really?” I rolled my eyes, “He’s the Alpha, he can kill us wherever he wants. You really need to stop being so dramatic.”

“It’s called self preservation, Lola.” Maya snapped, “You could use some.”

Alpha Asher’s voice

body responding under Alpha Asher’s touch. My jealousy was a stable pit

have plenty control, Alpha.” I gritted

darker, “Care to explain why

kind of f**ked up amusement was flickering in the back

snapped, extremely aware

my own, and the smell of him was intoxicating. A deep woodsy cologne mixed with

being a good girl, Lola?” Each word was spoken slowly, his voice dropping into a

over me, and I couldn’t help but notice how

too hard.” I stuck my bottom lip out in a pout, letting my eyes

snarl left Alpha Asher’s mouth as he slammed me against the tree again. His rough hand came up to grab my face. His touch wasn’t hard enough

thumb ran across my lower lip. The sensitive spot between my legs instantly began to dampen under his touch. I could see somewhere in the back of his eyes, his willpower was

his touch. My tongue

thumb dipped past my parted lips, and I flicked my tongue

happen, his eyes clouded over. I cursed the stupid mind-link. My body was screaming for him. He ignited a fire within me that only he could put out. Whenever Asher touched me, any thoughts of my vginity flew out the window. I knew sooner or later, he would be the one to steal my vginity. My body refused

face and took a few steps back. My chest was rising and falling heavily,

Asher’s voice was low and rough as he


stopped in his tracks, “I will contact you once I’ve thought

turned and took off

alone with him, my willpower crumbled as though it had never been

hearing my Grandma and Dad’s hushed

keeping my ears trained


voice held a semblance of anger


Human’s were blissfully unaware that they were surrounded

ran in large packs and

the warm weather, Vampire’s preferred

pack oriented. They stuck to

sixteen years ago. Why

Dad, pulling me from my

the corner, and a carefree smile was plastered on

I made some lunch.” Grandma grinned, gesturing for me to come into the

my best to hide the fact I heard far too much of their conversation. I hadn’t received any useful information, but I now

with a cheerful Grandma and a silent Dad, passing the time as quickly as I could. I wanted to leap from my chair and demand they

finally 6p.m. rolled around. I slipped from the house

his head. His arm was draped lightly over my shoulder

head, but a smirk played

still alive?” Mason’s steps faltered at Breyona’s words, his smile slipping from

has a soft spot for Lola.” Breyona nodded thoughtfully, “Either

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