#Chapter 10 Are you mocking me?

“I’m nothing compared to you, my lady.” Doris said quickly to reassure her. It was a wonder why she would ever compare herself to Doris when she was sitting as his lady and Doris was still a maid. “Besides, he’s already chosen you above all girls in the Palace. You’re his one and only, my lady.”

Doris didn’t bother to add the fact that she had no intentions of ever wanting to be in her place. Melody looked at Doris in the mirror for a moment before she laughed quietly. “I never knew you were so good at sweet talking, Doris. Good. Remember who you are and what your place is. If I hear anything strange about you and Prince William… well, you know what I’m capable of. Understand?”

“Yes, my lady.” Doris said gently. Doris was not who Melody had to worry about, it was her prince she should keep a closer eye on. Why would Melody ever bother having her as her Lady’s Maid if she thought Doris was capable of stealing Prince William’s affections? She’d only ever spoken with him a handful of times and each one of their encounters was just him demanding her to get something for him.

Except… except of course the night he marked her.

Months had passed since Doris had first become Melody’s Lady’s maid. The job paid much better than the one at the library, but in the end it was never worth it. Everyday she spent with Melody was worse than the last. The worst part was that she wasn’t able to vent about all her troubles at the end of the day with her best friend as she used to. Beth would have loved all the gossip about Melody, it would have kept her laughing for days to know all the little things she complained about.

Doris felt an ache in her core with how much she missed that, the sense of belonging that Beth gave her. There weren’t many places in the Palace she felt that way, but her best friend never failed to make her smile when she felt the world shift around her. Every extra coin she made, she saved towards their release. The job was slightly more bearable because of it.

Only a few months remained until the amnesty was announced and signed and Doris was counting the days. Only a few more months until she was free, so she suffered. It would all be worth it in the end. It would be worth every mood swing Melody aimed at her if it meant she never had to see her again, or the Prince for that matter.

own suffering. Not that Doris was glad to see it, it only made Melody’s mood worse towards her maid. Prince William had not yet asked Melody to spend the night with him—which meant they hadn’t slept together once. Doris could tell it was somewhat of an awkward situation for Melody, she hung all over him yet he still didn’t want her to stay with him. Most days, she

hallways, Doris passed other ladies while on the way back towards Melody’s room. They stopped her

obvious to the Palace? Doris only truly noticed because she happened to be her Lady’s Maid, but if she were still in the library she wouldn’t have taken notice to it at all. Unless Beth told her about it, she supposed. Doris never really paid attention to others bedroom affairs like the rest

the weather lately, but she will be fine. Thank you for asking.”

well, hmm? I think it’s because she’s

I wonder why she even still has the title

they laughed. When they noticed she wasn’t joining in on their gossip, they looked almost annoyed that she wasn’t being cruel like them. As much as she disliked Melody and all the things she did to her, it

ladies doing gossiping here?” A voice sounded from down the hall. Doris glanced up to see a taller woman walking towards them. Her slim form moved with elegance and dignity, it made Doris stand

Both girls quieted immediately, their heads

the daughter of a well-known beta family—one of the biggest merchants in the kingdom. To strengthen their relationship with Prince William, her father had sent Jane to stay at the Palace for a while. Prince William obviously valued her family, so his respect for Lady Jane grew as well. They’d never been lovers as far as Doris knew, but Lady Jane helped manage the ladies and everything else around Prince William.

his own reasons for what he does. It’s not up for you two

to leave. Their cheeks were splotched with red from

leave too.” Lady

returned to Melody’s room, releasing a slow exhale. She raised her fist to knock, but stilled when she heard voices on the other side of Melody’s

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