#Chapter 11 Your maid has to come

“No, of course not!” Doris quickly explained. “I was just thinking of what’s best for your own good, my lady.”

Despite her own harsh feelings towards Melody, Doris didn’t want the girl to make a fool out of herself. She risked losing his affections entirely if she made the wrong choice and bribed his valet. It wasn’t like Prince William would ignore her forever, he wasn’t the type of man to make brash decisions. He named Melody his lady—he had his own plans for what he was doing. Melody just needed to be patient.

“Have you so quickly forgotten you’re nothing more than my maid?” Melody’s voice lowered into something almost threatening. “You do everything I tell you to do without questioning me or my reasons. That is all you exist for. You know how much harder I can make it for you if you don’t.”

Doris’s lips parted, but no words formed. Melody lifted her chin—daring Doris to say something back.

“That’s what I thought. Go and stop wasting my time.” Melody dismissed her with a wave of her hand as if she were nothing more than a fly that wouldn’t leave her alone.

“Yes, my lady.” Doris curtsied before she turned to leave to find Peter.

It didn’t take long, she caught Prince William’s Valet in the garden speaking with another maid. Their laughs greeted her long before she ever saw either of them, Doris stayed out of sight and waited for the other maid to leave before she would approach him.

“Thank you for your help,” the maid spoke softly, she slipped a small box out from her apron and handed it to him.

before he slipped it

before she left. Doris slipped the bag of

with a smile and walked towards Doris as if he’d been expecting her. “Did your lady send

than common for him to get bribes from the maids that wanted Prince William’s attention. It made Doris sick to her

the surprise flash across

risk, she knew it was. But Doris was certain that Prince William would come around on his own and it would be worth the wait for Melody. Perhaps he

passing by?” Peter’s smile slipped from his face. He snorted and turned away. “We’ll

 Doris swore to herself. She’d wait three days before she brought the gold to Peter and did it Melody’s way.

and nothing happened at all between Melody and Prince William, much to Doris’s surprise. Melody’s mood had only gotten worse towards everyone, but mostly towards her own lady’s maid. When she wasn’t screaming at Doris, she paced her bedroom worrying about why she hadn’t been called yet, and spent her nights

Peter after all. Doris knew she had to go tomorrow to pass it off and make this right. If she had three days ago, Melody might

broke her thoughts. Doris opened the door to find Prince William’s footman standing on the other side.

she leaned back against the wooden surface. Something inside her didn’t feel right when she heard his official invitation. This entire time Doris had only hoped it would come for Melody so she would quit being in such a sour mood. But now that she’d gotten it… Doris felt off. It wasn’t jealousy, it couldn’t be. She just didn’t feel happy about it, perhaps she was just worried about how it will all

doing just standing there? Come help me!” Melody shouted

vanity. She enhanced her lovely eyes and brought a soft rose to her lips and cheeks, her shaky hand was extra careful not to ruin anything she did. When she was finished, Doris stepped back to look at her in the mirror next to Melody. She looked… absolutely beautiful. Almost like a princess. Doris looked pale and tired in comparison, she lowered her head

to the door. Prince William’s

eyes widened at his words.

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