Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Authors:Bank Brook
Num Chapters:1000
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Chapter 1005

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Raegan Hayes receives the surprising news of her pregnancy, leading to a mix of emotions. She reflects on her unconventional marriage with Mitchel Dixon, her superior at work and president of the Dixon Group. Mitchel, seemingly busy, leaves Raegan alone after revealing his plans for the night. Later, Raegan discovers through online news that Mitchel was with his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Murray. Distressed, she confronts Mitchel, who is engaged in a conversation with a friend about Lauren. The revelation of Mitchel spending the night with his ex leaves Raegan devastated. The story unfolds with the complexity of their relationship and Raegan's emotional turmoil.

Raegan, after confronting Tessa and facing Mitchel's apparent indifference, experiences further emotional turmoil. She overhears office gossip about Mitchel's ex-girlfriend, Lauren Murray, and is humiliated by Tessa, who pours hot coffee on her. Raegan retaliates with a slap, leading to a confrontation in front of Mitchel. However, Mitchel seems unmoved and reprimands Raegan for breaking company rules. Tessa is escorted out, and Raegan leaves the office feeling devastated. Later, she goes to visit her grandmother in the hospital, only to witness Mitchel arriving with another woman. The sight shatters Raegan's hopes and leaves her heartbroken...

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Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

Love Unbreakable by Bank Brook

1000 Chapters

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